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Support Center Manager Multiple Countries


Around the globe, our client helps cities and industries to manage, optimize and make the most of their resources. The company provides an array of solutions related to water, renewable resources and materials – with a focus on waste recovery – to promote the transition toward a circular green economy. 


Role Description

As a Support Centre manager, you will be responsible for the L1 and L2 support team (including parts analysis, remote monitoring and technical support) and is familiar with all their responsibilities and practices superior communication, organization and time management skills.

The Support Centre Manager has extensive experience in the industry and knowledge about the products. This person thinks logically, communicates effectively and enjoys solving problems with creativity, diligence and achievement.
You will follow company procedure. As a professional, you are expected to communicate promptly with the appropriate person when an unexpected situation or new information potentially threatens the success or current schedule of a service project.
As a Project Manager, the Support Centre Manager leads the team in meeting the company’s promises and the customer’s expectations. Successful service project management requires that the Support Centre Manager anticipate problems before they occur while identifying and implementing effective remedies.

Performance Management

  • Measure and manage the performance of the support centre operations: call management, technical support, knowledge management, Remote resolution rates etc.

Customer Feedback

  • Works closely with the marketing and sales department to share issues about customer and share ideas for service delivery improvements.

Project Management

  • The Support Centre Manager leads the effort to meet the company’s promises and the customer’s expectations. The successful management of the service project requires that the Support Centre Manager anticipate problems before they occur and identify and implement effective remedies. The Support Centre Manager is expected to utilize multiple resources (both equipment and staff) available to address customer needs.
  • Training/Supervision of Customer Care Specialists and Technical Specialists
  •  Familiar with approved service standards is highly organized and an expert communicator. Leading by example, the Support Centre Manager enthusiastically demonstrates superior technical and customer service skills while being receptive to feedback and adhering to applicable safety guidelines.

Complete Documentation

  • Submit job reports, expense and technical reports on a weekly basis. Ensure that all reports are clearly written and complete.

Successful Project Management

  • The Support Centre Manager leads the effort to meet the company’s promises and the customer’s expectations.
  • Contacts Regional Sales Manager, Field Service Manager, or Parts Supply Chain Manager for assistance, thinks ahead to anticipate problems, communicates bad news as soon as possible, balances technical repair needs with good service and coordinates the integration of additional resources where appropriate.

Professional Attitude

  • The Support Centre Manager is dependable and respectful. You will displays confidence, good cheer and wears a clean, authorized uniform. One of the keys to success is the ability to display empathy (the customer recognizes that you understand his problem and that you will operate with urgency to repair the machine as soon as humanly possible). The Support Centre Manager maintains a positive and respectful working relationship with all employees and customers and leads by example.

Positive Work Ethic

  • Works hard and is results oriented. Operates with a sense of urgency. Sets priorities and plans to meet the job outcome within the assigned time frame. Meets work expectations. Shows-up as highly reliable. Work hard and satisfy customer if possible. Mentor others set a good example and is available to them.

Willingness to Grow  

  • Take the initiative to maintain and upgrade skills on machine expertise, particularly with developing technology; develop computer keyboard, email, PowerPoint skills, carry a laptop that stores reference and training materials to make training and repairs more efficient. Set goals to improve skills, target a new job, cross train to a new machine or specialty area. Complete annual development plan with manager, improve English speaking and writing skills, attend and pass prerequisite courses and ask for feedback on a periodic basis. Key Daily Tasks Contact Regional Sales Manager if unexpected problems occur in scope of work or expected completion date.

Key Daily Tasks

  • Assess training needs and develop training plans for Support Service staff
  • Evaluate customer training needs and develop training plans.
  • Complete and submit expense reports and timesheets within the expected timeframe.
  • Ensure that company-supplied equipment (cell phone, laptop, toolbox, manuals, uniform, etc) are properly maintained and fully operational.
  • Develop and submit clearly written, accurate and complete job, installation and technical reports.
  • Apply principles of staff planning to determine the resource need in the support organisation.


Job Requirements

Critical Skills and Personal Attributes

• Problem Solving Nature
• Customer Service Orientation
• Goal Oriented
• Integrity/Trust
• Flexibility and Adaptability
• Strong leadership skills
• Mechanical/Problem Solving skills
• Ability to Communicate Effectively
• Time and Priority Management
• Attention to detail
• Computer literate
• Positive Work Ethic/Professional Attitude

Education and Experience 
Undergraduate degree or technical school graduate is preferred.

External Candidates: Minimum of 5 years of related technical experience, in a similar role. Candidates are required to have acceptable levels of mechanical and/or electrical equipment experience. Computer literacy is highly valued.

Company Profile

Our client’s employees are tasked with contributing directly to the sustainability performance of customers in the public and private sectors, allowing them to pursue development while protecting the environment.

To this end, the company designs and deploys specialist solutions to provide, protect and replenish resources while increasing their efficiency from an environmental, economic and social standpoint. Such initiatives are all part of our clients ongoing campaign to resource the world


  • Location: Multiple Countries , Milano, Paris, Munchen, Duesseldorf, Amsterdam, London, Zurich.
  • Job Title: Support Center Manager
  • Duration: Full Time
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